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Sacred Selections provides funding for adoptions to Christian families all over the world. On Memorial Day weekend, they celebrated 10 years and 200 children finding forever families by hosting a reunion. Families from all over the country gathered to celebrate adoption, connect with others, share their stories, and glory in the work that God has allowed to be accomplished through Sacred Selections.  


Many of us are visual learners and sometimes a well-crafted illustration or animation is that missing piece of your story that can help more effectively communicate your message. This is a sampling of some of my more recent illustration, design, and motion graphics animation work.


Scattered around the city of Indianapolis are unique and enchanting collections of books, open to the public, to re-engage them with the written word. Numerous artists have each supplied their own vision to each of these Public Collections and the results are incredible! "Monument" was created by Brian McCutcheon in 2015 and can be found on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. Learn more about


The beauty, simplicity, and adventure of childhood. Shot with minimal equipment over the course of a magical afternoon at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, just as Fall was breaking out on the leaves of the trees and the air was beginning to crisp.
Sometimes, it's just capturing moments as they happen that make for the most compelling and heartwarming stories.  


Noble Coffee & Tea opened on April 17th 1996 before Starbucks was barely east of the Mississippi River. The concept was simple. Provide affordable fresh roasted quality bean, coffee and espresso beverages made to exacting technical standards, and combine with a comfortable coffee house environment in which to enjoy one of the best pleasures in life. Learn more at

Adoption is everyone's Story

Sacred Selections is a faith-based adoption agency that has been offering financial assistance to individuals looking to open their hearts to children in need of forever families for the last ten years. In 2016, through the efforts of volunteers in hundreds of fundraisers, Sacred Selections raised $1,000,000. Specifically, the group in Birmingham, AL have raised nearly $80,000 in the last 5 years to help people like Mike and Chelsea and many others. 


In June of 2016, a small group of filmmakers and Biblical teachers traveled to Israel as Appian Media, to create the first five episodes of "Following the Messiah," a compelling and in-depth look at the places, cultures, and people that Jesus would have encountered during His life and ministry. Successfully funded via Kickstarter, "Following the Messiah" marks the first of many more projects to come. Learn more at


A dangerous car chase. A mysterious rider. An unexpected foe. Infiltrate: Ignition is an adrenaline rush with a twist...and Nerf guns. Lots of Nerf guns. An entry into the My Rode Reel short film contest, Infiltrate: Ignition beautifully demonstrates what film professionals do for "training."